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How to Get a Baby to Sleep

A newborn is of course a bundle of joy. But, along with that joy, you are also showered with a whole lot of responsibilities. You may find that parenting a newborn as one of the most difficult tasks in the world. You will get busy with baby care that includes changing diapers, feeding, soothing, etc. Among all these tasks, sometimes, you find it difficult to get your baby to sleep. How to get a baby to sleep through the night? This is one of the common queries from parents, especially new ones.

Getting a Newborn to Sleep
It has been observed that most of the newborns sleep for around 16 hours a day. But, such sleep will be in small stretches that last for one to two hours. During this period, they will wake up in between the sleep and will drift off, as you feed them. So, the parents have to adjust with the infant sleep pattern, that will improve, as the baby reaches around three months of age. So, during the first three months, you have to get adapted to your baby’s routine. Monitor the sleep pattern of the baby. Let the baby understand the difference between day and night. So, when the baby is awake during the daytime, expose him/her to household noises, talking, singing, and daylight.

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